Our work

PEHRI Patient Helpline

The Patients Empowerment and Healthcare Rights Initiative is available to help patients and relatives with questions or worries about any aspect of the clinical care. The Helpline will provide you with one of the team members who will advise you on ways to resolve your issue or connect with the right service provider/s that will be able to assist you.
The Helpline will not provide any medical advice, but we can provide specific advice on matters that can foster positive experience with your health practitioners and health service providers.

As we are ethical, respectful and compassionate in our engagement with you,
we will treat every telephone call with confidentiality; therefore, do not
hesitate to contact us.


Patients Education Seminar


The Patients Empowerment and Healthcare Rights Initiative in collaboration with Fourth Circle Attorneys and other like-minded stakeholders will be holding a series of free seminars on legal, medical and patients’ rights in regular intervals throughout each year.

Our campaigns

Through our campaigns, we intend to raise awareness of issues that are impacting on patients’ outcomes and engage all relevant stakeholders in order to champion the course for improved overall patient care and health outcomes.

I.End to medical tourism in Nigeria – According to Mrs Clare Omatseye, the President of the Healthcare Federation of Nigeria, Nigeria loses conservatively a billion dollars to medical tourism annually and the time has arrived to put pressure on politicians to invest in the nation’s healthcare.

II. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified hand hygiene as the single most effective intervention for the prevention of healthcare associated infection (HAI). We intend to work with health practitioners, health service providers and para-medics in promoting hand hygiene to foster positive patient outcomes.